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Woman E releases new EP – Hit And Run

Woman E releases new EP – Hit And Run

Released on 21st January 2013

“Imagine Kylie kissing Kraftwerk on a bed of subversive big-chorus pop”

The Guardian

After the exceptional single releases throughout 2012, Woman E are set to unleash their debut EP Hit & Run. The London based electronic pop duo’s EP is set for release on the 21st January 2013 through Aztec Records.

Woman E are duo Oovermatic and Ria Berlin, who produce perfectly crafted pop, heavily inspired by 90s with contemporary synth sounds. Over the past year the band have released singles Few and Far Between, Another Renaissance, Desire which saw them garner attention from the likes of The Guardian, Mixmag, Popjustice, Gay Times to name few. Furthermore Few & Far Between made it into the new film of Oscar nominee Yorgos Lanthimos ?Alps?, released in November 2012.

Hit & Run EP is comprised of five tracks, which all talk of the dark side of love and relationships. The Leonard Cohen obsessed duo quote the line “Love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah” as their inspiration for the record. All tracks potential pop classic, from the opener epic anthemic sounding You Stole That Summer to the nostalgic sounding Reap and Lie To Me to the beautifully quirky acoustic ballad sounds of EP title track Hit & Run.

Hit & Run is a masterful mix of synthesizers, catchy choruses, reflective lyrics, showcasing Woman E?s ability to make people dance and think at the same time.

The EP is set for release on 21st January through Aztec Records.