Mickey Cupid

Mickey Cupid

Sun-soaked Euro beats and euphoric lyrics collide in new electro outfit Mickey Cupid’s debut EP ‘Mickey Cupid’. Hailing from Belgian and American suburbia, the pair both quit school and went to New York to find themselves and fellow musicians. Despite being in the city around the same time, with Marcus performing acoustic R&B while Matt gigged in a punk rock band – the pair had immersed themselves in completely different music scenes. It was only years later that they connected via Myspace, with Matt on the lookout for a vocalist. The duo immediately hit it off, and despite now being on opposite sides of the Atlantic, they started working together on Mickey Cupid. “It was a bit cosmic but very natural, as if we had known each other forever” says Marcus “he taught me how to DJ a bit and from what I remember past the whisky, he jammed out on guitar as I sung. It was a great night for sure!” Matt agrees “Yeah, I thought it was crazy when he suggested we form a band, ’cause we live so far apart but I said yes right off.”

With writer/producer Matt’s wide range of influences taking in the likes of Pharrell, Mars Volta and Benny Benassi, and vocalist/lyricist Marcus listing Quincy Jones, Donna Summer and Masters At Work as his go-to artists for inspiration, you would think that the pair would have their fair share of disagreements, but no – “weirdly we understand each others patterns and personalities, and usually see eye to eye on what we want from our sounds” explains Marcus, “and if sometimes we don’t, we both compromise pretty easily.” He goes on, “We set out to create a very melodic pop sound. Nothing too serious, nothing too complicated – just positive, catchy and thoughtful music.” And as for the name? “We wanted something that reflects youthfulness, love and romance, that referenced our American and European backgrounds. With Mickey Mouse you’ve got the fun, and with Roman god Cupid you have the romance, so we thought a combination of the two would be an honest representation of what we want to achieve with our sound.”


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